Where Coffee is Hot: By U.S. State

by Ron

Last summer, we looked at Coffee Review readership by state for the second quarter of 2013.  We calculated per capita readership, that is, readers normalized for each state’s population, to get an idea where people are most interested in coffee (at least as measured by Coffee Review readership.)  We’ve just re-crunched the data for the full year of 2013.

Here are the top ten states for 2013:

1. Hawaii

2. Washington

3. Massachusetts

4. Vermont

5. Oregon

6. California

7. New Hampshire

8. Colorado

9. New York

10. Minnesota


Frankly, there weren’t any big changes or huge surprises.

The top four states were unchanged. Hawaii remained in the #1 spot.  That may seem surprising at first glance but, when you consider that Hawaii is the only state that produces coffee commercially, it makes sense that a lot of people have a vested interest in coffee news and reviews.  Washington in the #2 spot is consistent with our city data, which shows that Seattle has the highest per capita Coffee Review readership of any city in the United States.

Oregon moved up two spots, leap-frogging California for the #5 spot.  New Hampshire moved up 3 spots to crack the top 10.  Minnesota moved up 1 spot to enter the top 10 as well.

What was the biggest gainer since last summer?  Michigan, jumping 9 spots from #30 to #21.

If some states moved up the list, obviously others moved down.  The biggest drop was North Carolina, from #15 to #25.  Texas and Montana each dropped 7 spots.

Please share your observations and explanations.

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