Where Coffee is Hot: By International City

by Ron

In 2013, Coffee Review hosted visitors from 223 countries and territories, including countless cities and town around the world.  Our readers hail from famous world capitals such as Rome, Italy and Nairobi, Kenya to lesser-known Nuuk, Greenland and Apia, Somoa.  However, some cities have more visitors than others and none of the above cities ranked near the top for Coffee Review readership or per capita readership.

So, which cities get bragging rights, if you want to call it that?  London, England tops the list of most visitors Vancouver, BC, Canada tops the list of per capita readership.

In terms of overall visitor traffic in 2013, the top twenty cities outside the United States were:

1. London, England

2. Toronto, Canada

3. Hong Kong, China

4. Taipei City, Taiwan

5. Sydney, Australia

6. Bangkok, Thailand

7. Singapore (city-state)

8. Melbourne, Australia

9. Seoul, South Korea

10. Vancouver, Canada

11. Montreal, Canada

12. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

13. Brisbane, Australia

14. Calgary, Canada

15. Manila, Philippines

16. Athens, Greece

17. Jakarta, Indonesia

18. New Taipei City, Taiwan

19. Ottawa, Canada

20. Dublin, Ireland


As we noted in our ranking of American cities, population plays a big role in which cities have the most Coffee Review readers.  Large cities lead the list above too.  However, once we normalize for population and calculate per capita readership, we get a better idea of how passionate a city is about coffee (measured only by Coffee Review readership, of course).

In terms of per capita Coffee Review readership in 2013, the top twenty cities outside the United States were:

1. Vancouver, Canada

2. Dublin, Ireland

3. Toronto, Canada

4. Athens, Greece

5. Calgary, Canada

6. Taipei City, Taiwan

7. Ottawa, Canada

8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

9. Sydney, Australia

10. Manila, Philippines

11. Brisbane, Australia

12. Melbourne, Australia

13. London, England

14. Singapore (city-state)

15. Hong Kong, China

16. Perth, Australia

17. Bangkok, Thailand

18. New Taipei City, Taiwan

19. Seoul, South Korea

20. Jakarta, Indonesia


So, while Coffee Review hosts more visitors from London than any other city outside the United States, Canadian cities appeared an impressive five times on the total visitor list and four times on the per capita list, each of which were in the top ten.  Australian cities appeared three times on the total visitor list and four times on the per capita list.  Two cities from the United Kingdom (London, England and Dublin, Ireland) appear on both lists.

Keep in mind that Coffee Review is only published in English, so perhaps it isn’t surprising to see cities from Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom appearing on the per capita readership list.  Cities where English isn’t the primary language are at a distinct disadvantage, which makes it even more impressive to see cities such as Athens, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, and Seoul on the list.

We look forward to hearing your observations and comments about our lists.

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