Low Acid Coffees

by Ron

We track the search terms that readers use to find CoffeeReview.com.   Recently I noticed quite a few readers looking for information about low acid coffees.  One reader was even trying to find out what acid was added to coffee.

Well, to answer the question, acid is generally not ADDED to coffee.  It occurs naturally and actually provides what Kenneth Davids calls a “sweetly tart spark” that adds a liveliness to coffee.  However, for those of you who seek lower acid options, let me point you to our January 2012 article and reviews of low-acid coffees.

There was one 90+ point option: Brazil Cafe Zinho Esperanza Honey by Water Avenue Coffee.

More recently, in March 2013, we reviewed two other lower acid coffees from TruCup Coffee that earned 85 and 87 points.


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  1. Tessa says:

    Saw on tv that finely ground eggshells, cleaned & sterilized, preferably organic, added to coffee grounds prior to brewing can reduce acid. The shell is very rich in calcium (carbonate), and the membrane that adheres to the shell contains important minerals as well. So, figured that maybe this might compensate for whatever bone loss occurs with acid, while reducing acid level in the coffee as well. I’ve been trying this for several weeks-the added shells do not alter the flavor at all. I add only about a tsp. at most for a four cup pot. Also, I find that the coffee grinder does a good job creating a fine powder fom the shells. (Baking the shells makes them very crisp, and they grind more easily)

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