Rejoice at Low Coffee Prices? What about Fair Trade?

by Ron

On Monday, the LA Times ran an article titled Coffee drinkers rejoice: Price of beans hits four-year low.  Now, we’re glad that favorable weather conditions are helping increase coffee production.  And, you certainly can’t blame consumers (or the LA Times) for welcoming lower prices.


However, keep in mind that lower green coffee prices can adversely affect the financial well-being of coffee farmers and their families.  Increased production can offset lower prices but not if margins and profit are squeezed to nothing.  It often forces growers to cut costs and corners, which can often lead to compromises in quality.


Frankly, we would rather pay a little more for a great cup of coffee.  We encourage you to continue buying quality coffee, many of which quite affordable.


And, remember, October is Fair Trade month.  Learn more about Fair Trade coffee at and  Looking for a quality Fair Trade coffee?  You can find hundreds of Fair Trade coffee reviews on

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2 Responses to “Rejoice at Low Coffee Prices? What about Fair Trade?”

  1. Thank you for pointing out such an important fact. As consumers, sometimes it is easy to loose site of where our products are coming from and the producers behind those products. I am no expert, having just entered the coffee industry in February, but after spending my summer on a coffee farm in Peru and essentially being adopted into a family of coffee farmers, I have to say that I will most definitely pay more for a cup of coffee when I know that the price is reflective of the farmer getting paid adequately for their work.

  2. Lucio chaves Corrêa Figueiredo says:

    Congratulations for the article.
    I am coffee grower in brazil

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